What Our CNA Training Can Offer You

There are many benefits to fulfilling a career as a Certified Nurse Aide. Being part of the best training program to prepare you for what’s to come is vital to your success. At the Integrity Health & Education Center, we ensure that our CNA training offers you the tools and support you need to reach your CNA career goals. Below you will find what our CNA training program offers you.

Accelerated CNA Training Program

Our accelerated CNA training program is available for all of our students. You can complete your CNA training between thirteen and fifteen days. You no longer have to take up half a year to complete training. Within two weeks, you will receive all of the experience and resources to pass your state test.

Job Placement Assistance

Have you been stressing about how to land a job post-training? Integrity Health & Education Center provides job placement assistance alongside your two-week CNA training. You’ll receive help with professional resume building and be given a ​list of job openings that you can apply to.

state testing

Preparation for CNA Test

All of our CNA training courses are designed to prepare you for the CNA state test you will be required to take. All of the equipment and supplies you will need will be provided to you at no extra cost, regardless of your choice between online or in-person training. You can rest assured that you will feel prepared and have everything you need.

Online or In-person Courses

We provide online and in-person CNA training for all of our courses. Either option will include scrubs, resume building, books, and more. Both courses will prepare you for the state test and your future career. A variety of Zoom calls are available at your convenience. We also provide hands-on training for those who choose to be in-person.

Your CNA success and training start with us. We offer you the best program for your future. Start training today with the Integrity Health & Education Center!